Anchor! helps you to detect a dragging anchor

helps you to detect a dragging anchor

Anchor! is an iPod / iPhone / iPad app that provides an anchor alarm.

Special and exclusive features : 
  • Easy to set anchor position:
 -> either on click set anchor at your current position 
 -> either choose a position on the map or relocate anchor with drag and drop. 
  • Easy to use with standard map gestures (zoom, scroll ...) 
  • Works offline ! You still see your boat position relative to the anchor, the anchor position and the alarm circle. Once offline the map is replaced by a graphic. 
  • Three alarms methods :
  -> Attention catching visual alarm with a blinking black/white screen,
  -> Accoustic alarm,
  -> In background: accoustic alarm with a notification.
  • Alerts by email
  • Remote mode

  • Easy to adjust alarm distance:
-> either from settings
-> either directly on map by dragging the red disk
  • Enhanced track recording: The boat track is recorded and a time - colored path is displayed on map. You can identify at first glance whether your anchor position is drifting  or not. 
  • Takes advantage of iphone 4+ precise positionning.
  • Vertical map scale.
  • No add
  • Strictly respects your privacy: no information is transmitted, ever.

  • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • To prevent unwanted sounds, audio alarms are inhibited when the mute switch is on. On the iPhone you'll have a vibration instead, on iPad you will get no sound nor vibration.
  • Audio alarms volume is different than the device current volume, volume for alerts can be set in the device settings : go to sounds (or general -> sounds on some devices) and set the volume for alerts. On iPad this volume default value is zero.
  • As all notifications, audio alarms in background can be enabled or disabled from the iPhone settings (notifications -> Anchor! -> sound)

(c) A. Arnail 2013